KERA News Breakthroughs: The Broken Hip


The vast majority of hip fractures are the result of a fall, and more than half of all falls happen at home. Many of these falls could be prevented by making simple changes to the lighting and arrangement of furniture. Scroll down to learn what you can do to help make your bedroom fall-proof.




On The Floor

Look at the floor.
Is furniture in the way? Have it moved to create a clear path.
Are there rugs? Remove them or use double-sided tape or a non-slip backing.
Any newspapers, magazines or blankets on the floor? Remove anything that litters the ground.
Where are your lamps, telephones and extension cords? Place wires and cords next to the wall to avoid tripping over them. Or coil or tape them next to the wall. An electrician might need to install another electrical outlet.

Bedroom Lighting

Place a lamp and flashlight near the bed where they’re easy to find and within reach. Keep fresh batteries nearby.

The Hallway

Install nightlights to brighten the path between the bedroom and bathroom – and other places you might pass at night.

Stairs and Steps

Make sure handrails are installed on both sides of stairs and any place there is a step.
Fix any loose or uneven steps.

In the Bedroom

Replace slippery sheets and comforters with bedding made from wool or cotton. Get up slowly to avoid dizziness and wait a few seconds before starting to walk.